Scrapbooking Craft Retreat
I have been going to Genazzano Retreat on Tinaroo Lake for about 10 years.  Genazzano is great for group functions, we use it for Scrapbooking Craft Retreat once a year in September.  Our groups is usually 30-plus, we get together for what started as a weekend away grew to 5 days doing what we love.

Anyone is welcome and they come from all over, for me it's the escape from normal mundane work life and the enjoyment of getting together with others once a year. Many often bring and share new exciting craft ideas to the mix.

It's only an hour from Cairns to get to lovely, serene peaceful outdoors. We hire the hall for the duration setting up our own crafting areas which you can access 24 hours a day and some go all night.  The best part is no cooking or cleaning, it's all done for us.  The catering is planned to your needs by our great hosts even for those with special requirements.  The dining room is alongside the hall - all very accessible, tea/coffee making available all day.

There is a variety of sleeping quarters, I have tried them all over the years and every unity has a superb view of the lake of bushland.  You can partake in a walk, swim or read a  book if you like a break away from your crafts, the time is your own to do as you will.  It's safe, clean, comfortable and is assessable to most mobile networks allowing contact with family for those that don't fully escape.

Each  block of units has a common room that is set up with kitchenette, furniture to relax and watch television and a wonderful open fire place - one day I will try to spend time in the winter so I can use thse facilities.  There is plenty of fridge space to keep your own drinks/snacks cold.

I would highly recommend this venue to any groups planning functions of some kind, if there is some special touch you require you only need to ask.

By Vicki Weir
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Wedding Event
So many reasons we are grateful to have chosen Genazzano for our wedding.

Firstly, the caretakers Paul and Leslie went out of their way to  help share our joy.

We wanted to spend as much quality time with everyone.  Genazzano is family friendly as we all stayed the weekend.

Every room was full, bathrooms were shared, bunks were climbed into and to have onsite camping available is a bonus.  Those that stayed in nearby Yungaburra had a wonderful holiday too.

The children had a ball with so much space to run, play and have fun with the glow sticks and a bonfire at night.

What other venue gives you the choise of having so many locations to setup for an outdoor wedding orbe in a beautiful chapel in case of inclement weather.

We knew we did not want to have a wedding where we were constrained by time, noise restrictions or having to be seated at tables in a function room all night.  We were able to set up under the stars and trees and cannot erase the memory of how special this space next to the chapel became.

It was reassuring that in case of bad weather there is a huge function room and outdoor verandah areas as a back-up.

We brought everything we needed and our own choice of caterer on site.  As such, we didn't need to hire the well equipped industrial kitchen.  It was handy to be able to use the cold room to cool our beverages though.

We were blessed to be able to have our wedding weekend here.

By Josie Kelly
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School Groups
St Margaret Mary's College, Townsville
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St Margaret Mary's College, Townsville, has been using Genazzano now for a number of  years for our Year 11 Retreat.  We have found the centre to be ideal for the environmental focus which this retreat has.

The Conference Centre staff have always been most obliging and accommodating and our programme runs more smoothly because of their support.

Our College teachers and students regard our trip north as a highlight of their year and we are most appreciative of being able to use this wonderful facility in the Cairns Diocese.

C.Brickhill APRE, SMMC, Townsville

Trinity Anglican School, Cairns
Endoresement of Genazzano Retreat from Trinity Anglican School

Trinity Anglican School have been utilising Genazzano Retreat to accommodate our leadership camps for nearly 15 years.  We have found the site to be engaging, interactive and able to comfortably house our senior leaders.

Camp Co-ordinator, John Harrison